FIGHT STYLE - Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai, Wrestling

Walter has been an active competitor and dedicated student of BJJ. Introduced to grappling in 1997 at the age of 13 through the Vancouver College wrestling program.

Started Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in 2005, and under the wing of Marc Marins and Jeff Mezaros since 2006. In 2008 Walter began training Muay Thai with Master Song of Muay Thai Kai Sing Song. In 2009 he went for a 5 month full time training trip to Thailand where he competed in Muay Thai while continuing his BJJ studies.

After completing a Bachelor of Commerce at UBC, Walt decided to dedicate his life to BJJ with the intention to open a gym. After consulting with his coaches, he decided, in July of 2012, to spend 7 months training at the best BJJ academy in the world, Alliance Sao Paulo, under the tutelage of Fabio Gurgel. Walt has trained and competed along side the Alliance team for the duration of his time in Brazil.

30+ Podium finishes in BJJ competition. Including;

2011 BC Championships (Purple Open Weight) Gold

2012 Sao Paulo- Paulista  (Brown Belt/ Light Weight) Silver

2012 Sao Paulo- National Open (Brown/light) Bronze

2012 Grapplers inc (Brown/ Open weight) Silver

2013 Western Canadian BJJ Championships (Brown Belt Lightweight) Gold

2013 Western Canadian BJJ Championships (Brown Belt Absolute) Gold

2013 Roots BJJ Challenge (Brown Belt Absolute) Gold

2013 Okanagan Summer Open (Brown Belt Absolute) Gold

2013 Okanagan Summer Open (Brown Belt Absolute No Gi) Silver

Myles Merola


Myles is known around the traps as a ‘foot lock master’.  He’s been training for 10 years, and has an impressive 10-7 record in the octagon.  Just recently promoted to Brown belt by Fernandes Bibiano, his specialty is no-gi jits.

He’s won 12 gold medals, and 6 silver finishes at various grappling tournaments.


Walter Buse

Brown Belt

Myles Merola

Brown Belt